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About Us

About Us:
We are three outspoken oldies (2x 50+ and 1x 80+) who enjoy books, pets, nature, travel, thinking, chocolate and being creative in different ways. 

photo of Sylvia
Sylvia: ´Life is an adventure´. I spent my career ´towing the line´ and am now embracing post 50 freedom to the hilt. I am embarking on loads of projects - because life is like a candy shop and who can turn down the tantalising opportunities it offers?

photo of Toria
Toria: 'I vant to be alone' ... just kidding, but having spent most of my life trying to please others, I now feel I need to start considering my own needs. Age has brought me a greater appreciation of contemplation and the spiritual side of things.

photo of Gail
Gail: ''I didn't know that!'
The highlight of my life and basis for my future happiness is learning: While in my forties, I went to university and GRADUATED! - thanks to the support of my girls, nieces, nephews, and so many friends. I thank you all for your steadfast encouragement. I hope to keep on learning!

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